Cubes of Olkarion

«Voltron: Cubes of Olkarion» was an action-packed one-on-one real-time-strategy game boiled down to a single sideview screen with fighting game and puzzler elements set in the universe of
Voltron: Legendary Defender.
It enabled the players to jump into DreamWorks’ «Voltron: Legendary Defender» universe and take control over the Cubes of Olkarion!
«Voltron: Cubes of Olkarion» was carefully crafted by Swiss game studio Gbanga in Zurich. The Voltron IP was granted by NBC Universal between 2019 and 2022. The game is not available anymore.

Build and use unique cubes

Experiment with different cubes and their possible combinations with each other!

Protect your base

If you manage to hit your opponent’s base three times you win the battle. Just don’t let them do the same thing to you, or you will be blown straight to Wozblay!

Explore infinite strategies

There are infinite strategies to find and experiment with. Different battleground and opponents call for different approaches!

Real-time multiplayer action

Battle locally on a single screen or join an online multiplayer battle to find out who controls the Cubes of Olkarion the best!

Choose different characters

Play with a multitude of characters from the Voltron universe. Wondering who’s coming next? Check out our roadmap.


Meet some of your favorite characters from the series. More to come soon!

Olkari Cubes

The ancient technology of the Olkari.

Frost Beam
Frost Beam
Freezes Cubes, which stuns them. Can destroy Projectiles.
Steel Cube
Very durable and immune to explosions.
Anti-Gravity Generator
Emits a constant force field. Pushes Projectiles upwards and catches falling Cubes. Can be toggled on and off.
Crawler Nest
Creates a Crawler that can climb structures, glide and explode on impact.

Frost Gate
Frost Gate
Redirects Frost Beams. Can be opened to let everything pass through.
Can reflect and knock back Projectiles.
Fireball Launcher
Ejects destructive Fireballs which can be fused together mid-air.
Drone Bay
Launches a Drone which is shielded against Projectiles, turns into a destructive Drone Drill.