The Goal

Welcome, young Paladin! Here you can learn about the basics of Voltron: Cubes of Olkarion. It’s quite simple, actually.

There are two bases on the battlefield. The goal is to defend your own base while trying to destroy your opponent’s base.

If you manage to hit your opponent’s base three times, you win the battle. Just don’t let them do the same thing to you or you will be blown straight to Wozblay!

The Cubes

To do that you need to build Olkari cubes. These masterworks of Olkari technology have many different uses. Some launch projectiles, others can reflect attacks or freeze enemy Olkari cubes.

You can only build cubes in the area marked in your color.

How to build

Building an Olkari cube is easy. Just press the Build-Button and choose which cube to build.

Every Olkari cube has to be attached to something, be it the ground, the ceiling or other Olkari cubes.

Cooldowns & activation

After a couple of ticks of charging time Olkari cubes can be used.

Press the Activation-Button to trigger an Olkari cube.

Activating uses one of your three Quintessence Blasts, but don’t worry, they recharge quickly.

Destroying cubes

Hitting an Olkari cube of an opponent destroys it. Depending on what was attached to it you can do quite some damage, as all cubes that lose their connection will fall down.

Special Ability

Every character in the game in game can use the Special Ability, which can really change the course of the game.

It charges slowly over time. Once it’s ready you can activate it by pressing the button indicated on the menu. You’ll figure the rest out while playing.

Have fun playing Voltron: Cubes of Olkarion! Good luck and don’t quiznak it up!